Saturday, January 03, 2009

Video and piano playing...

Here's a link to Haley playing at the Wren Party on 12/26/08

Haley has been asking to learn piano for over a year now. I have put her off since I couldn't figure out how we could ever fit in more instrument practice with this child. She has always been drawn to piano and has been picking out familiar melodies for a couple years now. Last month, she figured out a two hand version of Little Drummer Boy using a combination of by ear playing and the music in front of her.

Yesterday I gave in to her and showed her the positioning of her hands to begin the John Thompson Piano Course. She played through the right hand of the first song, then the left hand, then she put both hands together. She did the same with the second song. At first it was very slow going as she tried to coordinate both hands to play the songs but she practiced and practiced...maybe sitting at the piano 5-6 times throughout the evening. This morning, she sat at the piano immediately after breakfast and she was able to play the first two songs smoothly. She taped herself playing them, too.

After I was up and dressed, I showed her how to learn the next two songs...right hand alone, left hand alone, then both together. She practiced on and off today numerous times and by this evening was able to play all 4 songs smoothly. Her single-mindedness and motivation to practice are amazing. So, she is learning to play piano now. I wonder how much of it clicks with what she is learning as far as reading music for violin (notes and rhythms).

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