Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laying down tracks...

Today the kids gained first hand experience on what it takes to put together an album/CD. A few months ago the kids played together in a local fall festival. The music teacher who had arranged their performance offered to put together a CD for them to thank them. The holiday season was too busy for everyone but this week he contacted us and we set up an appointment for today. Last night was like Christmas Eve for them.

Today was our first meeting so he could listen to their songs and set up his recording equipment. We arrived at 10am and it took close to 1.5 hours to set up the drum set, mics, headsets, and get all the instruments coming through the equipment properly. The kids were so excited they didn't even mind all the waiting around. Once her headset was on, Haley thought it was just the neatest thing that she could hear herself so she talked to herself and made noises into the mic while the rest of the setup was completed.

They then played through their first set of tunes. Frank thought everything sounded good and the kids were ready and excited so we decided to start recording. They played through their polkas 4 times fully plus a number of partials where someone erred or the energy level was low. The kids were very good about deciding where they may have made a mistake or asking if they could try again to make it better. They worked out a few options together and were really thinking about how to make their music sound better. On the 4th full playing, we all knew we had a good recording. The energy level was there, they were in tune and time together, and there were no errors.

Dylan then played his acoustic guitar to the recording and Frank dubbed the acoustic guitar onto their song and showed them some of the ways he could use the computer to polish up the song. We were on a roll but the boys needed to get to music lessons. The kids head back into the recording studio on Friday morning. They are so excited.

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