Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wrestling Update...and Juggling Schedules

Newt took first place this weekend in the MAWA District tournament. He did really well considering that he weighed in at 66lb and wrestled 70lb. He had been weighing 67lb and I refuse to let him cut weight so I just signed him up for 70lb instead of 66lb. He did fine. Now we will go to Salisbury MD this coming weekend for the Regional tournament. I don't know how he will do there. There are a couple boys I know who are going who are cutting a lot of weight so that means he could be wrestling kids who really weigh 10lb+ more than him.

This weekend I had to do a bit of juggling so we can go next week. Haley was supposed to test for her yellow stripe belt on Friday but her instructor said he could test her on Wednesday. She has been working so hard to perfect her form and is really looking forward to testing. She will be the youngest child he has tested. She will have to miss dance on Saturday so I have to schedule a makeup lesson for that.

Easter weekend we are going to Wildwood for the War at the Shore wrestling tournament so my husband has to work this weekend which means I have to make the trek to MD myself with at least 2 of 3 kids. I am hoping my parents can watch Dylan.

I really can't wait until after Easter. Wrestling season will be over except for an occasional tournament if we decide to do one.


Last night we took the kids out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. A scary proposition, I know, but they behaved beautifully and received many pleasant compliments from other diners.

After dinner we attended the Bay Atlantic Symphony at the local college. As we were waiting to go into the auditorium, Haley struck up a conversation with some elderly people working an information desk. One elderly gentleman came over to compliment her skirt and she and he discussed her violin playing for about 15 minutes. I am always surprised at how articulate she is. Then her substitute teacher from the summer, Teacher Amanda, stopped on her way in to say,"Hi!" She was a first violinist in the symphony and sat right in the front. Haley liked being able to see her play and it made the concert even more interesting for her.

We sat next to an elderly woman who had a sketchpad full of drawings she does at concerts. They were of syphony members playing, the conductor, and people in the audience. Her work was amazing. Haley was so excited to see the instruments we had studied the past few weeks in our book on orchestra.

The kids enjoyed the program. It started at 8pm and we had all gotten up at 5:15am to take Newt to his district wrestling tournament so Haley fell asleep after the first piece, which was 40 minutes long. She stared and stared at the violin soloist as she played. The music was so soothing and beautiful. It is hard to imagine being able to play those complicated violin pieces by memory but I guess you work up to it. Now I understand how they have to practice for so many hours each day. One piece can be almost an hour long itself.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reading Assessment...

Okay! So I think my Dylan needs to be assessed in reading. His brother and sister started reading spontaneously at 3 yo and he, at 9 yo, barely finishes a book. (He has finished maybe 4 his whole life own his own.) So I take him to the local university which has a reading program, pay the $400, and have him evaluated.

I got the results yesterday. He is a grade level behind in silent reading according to the test but it was the last thing they did and after 2 hours he did admit that he was tired of reading and didn't think he did his best. The rest of his scores including oral reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension were mostly 5th grade (2 grade levels ahead!).

The first thing I think when I read the report was that it had a lot of good suggestions for improving his skills and they all were along the same lines as the book I recently read called "Guiding Readers and Writers." The second thought was, gosh!, if he is 2 grades levels ahead in reading then his siblings must be about 6 grade levels ahead! Haley reads almost as well as Dylan and with greater fluency than he does.

I then decided that maybe he doesn't finish books because they are too difficult for him. So I handed him some books that are rated at a 3rd grade level to read rather than letting him pick out books that are harder. I think it will be easy to incorporate the suggestions since I had already started to after reading that book. I do feel better about his skills now.