Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wrestling Update...and Juggling Schedules

Newt took first place this weekend in the MAWA District tournament. He did really well considering that he weighed in at 66lb and wrestled 70lb. He had been weighing 67lb and I refuse to let him cut weight so I just signed him up for 70lb instead of 66lb. He did fine. Now we will go to Salisbury MD this coming weekend for the Regional tournament. I don't know how he will do there. There are a couple boys I know who are going who are cutting a lot of weight so that means he could be wrestling kids who really weigh 10lb+ more than him.

This weekend I had to do a bit of juggling so we can go next week. Haley was supposed to test for her yellow stripe belt on Friday but her instructor said he could test her on Wednesday. She has been working so hard to perfect her form and is really looking forward to testing. She will be the youngest child he has tested. She will have to miss dance on Saturday so I have to schedule a makeup lesson for that.

Easter weekend we are going to Wildwood for the War at the Shore wrestling tournament so my husband has to work this weekend which means I have to make the trek to MD myself with at least 2 of 3 kids. I am hoping my parents can watch Dylan.

I really can't wait until after Easter. Wrestling season will be over except for an occasional tournament if we decide to do one.

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