Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Musical Weekend...

It seems that musical performances around here tend to all come at once. That was definitely true this weekend. Friday night, Haley had a "dress rehearsal" at the retirement home for the biannual Suzuki concert. I was a little worried about her songs because she was still learning to shift for Humoresque and her Gavotte in D Major still needed a little work but we took a "calculated risk" as her teacher called it and assumed that she would perform better with a crowd than she had so far for practice. This turned out to be the case...we should know by now to trust Haley. LOL

Saturday, all the kids played with Next Generation Kids at the Garden State Discovery Museum. It was a nice venue and all the kids did a great job! Here's a link to pictures of the event... http://ballyphilly.ning.com/photo/albums/next-generation-discovery

Sunday was the biannual Suzuki concert for her Suzuki teacher's students. All her teacher's students did wonderfully. Haley performed so expressively. Everyone said she looked like a "real" violinist. (At home, I have to hold her scroll still so she doesn't move but on stage there was no one to stop her from doing it her way.) She so at home on the "stage." After playing, she calmly waited for the applause then motioned to the pianist to stand for his applause.