Saturday, October 10, 2009

Parenting Responsibly...

Okay, I know it's been months since I have blogged. Life gets in the way sometimes. Our home of 15 years has sold this month and we have to be out of it by the end of this about stressful. Wouldn't be so bad if all we had to do was pack but with the kids' schooling and all their activities...ahhhh!!!

Newt is in school for the first time. He loves it and is adjusting fairly well. It took a couple weeks to get his classes situated which wasn't the best start to his schooling career but with a little help from Aunt Dale, things have improved.

Haley auditioned for Temple's Youth Classic Strings emsemble and was accepted into the 1st violins section. The director is very impressed with her playing ability.

So, we are packing and moving. We won't have to pay tuition for Newt's school anymore and Dylan is thinking he may want to try school next year. We downsized a bit on the new house but it is a neat place with 1.65 acres and a separate building that will become Daddy's "Man Cave."

I was talking to Haley's violin teacher about needing to keep our monthly payments the same so we can continue with the kids' activities. She understood our reasoning, since she has very musically gifted children. We know we spend nearly a mortgage payment on Haley's music every month but we also know how much she profits from our efforts and see that she has this amazing potential so the only way we can be responsible parents to her is to give her the opportunity to see where she can go with her "gift." Hence, downsizing.