Saturday, January 24, 2009

How does a child do this?

My Haley loves music. Anyone who has read any part of this blog knows this. Just when I think I know the depth of her love for music, she has a day like today and I am in awe of her once more. Maybe I should just get used to this feeling when it comes to my baby.

Last night while getting/giving snuggles before bed, Haley was trying to tell Daddy he'd had his share and it was my turn. He said, "But she makes her practice violin and I let you play all day!!"

She replied, "But I love practicing violin and Mommy knows it."

Today as I finished my morning shower and turned off the water, I heard the wonderful sounds of my little one taking it upon herself to practice her violin. I listened to her playing through her review pieces from Books 1 and 2 then her scales. Afterward, she played with her toys for a short time then asked me to sit with her while she finished her practicing. She worked for another hour + on her Book 3 songs (two for her concert next week and her newest piece), played around with other violin favorites, then practiced her newer fiddle tunes. Once all the violin playing was finished, I taught her a new song on piano and she practiced that for awhile. Then I showed her how to play the first few measures of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach even though her little hands are too small to reach the octave required. She did get the right hand and made her own left hand notes to go with it.

We spent the rest of the day at a birthday party then took Newt to wrestling practice. When we got home Haley played piano for the rest of us once she finished dinner then it was late so most of us sat to watch a bit of TV prior to bed. Not Haley, she donned her headphones (the best purchase I have made in the last month) and practiced piano for another 45 minutes by herself.

I find it amazing that a 6yo has that amount of motivation and desire to perfect something. She is an amazing child.

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