Saturday, January 17, 2009

CD Making...

Friday, the kids spent the day in the recording studio finishing up their first CD. They worked hard from 10am until almost 4pm stopping only for lunch to finish recording their songs and getting them the way they wanted them. A lot of the time was not spent playing music but waiting for things to be rearranged and set up or doing sound checks. They were so excited, they didn't mind any of the waiting. They were so mature. Each of them admitted when they thought they had made a mistake or when they thought they could do something better.

Frank was so wonderful with the kids. He showed them how everything works and gave them different options for some of their songs. He listened to their ideas and encouraged them to try them out. He even played around with one point the boys started fooling around playing "La Bamba" between takes, Haley began singing along, and Frank started adding bass guitar using his keyboard. He then taped it to surprise the kids but Haley wasn't surprised at all. She immediately asked, "Can we hear it back?" when they finished.

None of us can wait to hear the finished product. It was a great learning experience!

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