Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A couple years ago as our sweet 12yo yellow lab, Skeeter, was declining in health, we decided to purchase another dog to ease the loss when it came. We wanted a smaller dog so it would be less of a hassel to take her places, less hair in the house, and less damage to property.

While looking at various doggy types, I fell in love with Toy Fox Terriers. They seemed like the perfect breed for our family...small but with the terrier attitude and playfulness. I searched and searched for one locally but came up short. I finally found a breeder in AL who had pups and was willing to allow us to pick ours up at her friend's in FL near where Uncle Karl was stationed. We made the trip down determined to only take the dog if she had the right "personality." As I walked up to that cage of puppies, one puppy ran and hid in a tent and the other came right up, jumping onto the side of the cage wanting to lick me...she was our pup.

The only problem...she was sooooo tiny....2lb. I was so afraid we would step on her. We took our spunky little puppy home. She made us all fall in love with her during the ride. She climbed into our shirts to sleep, played like a large dog, and kissed us up every chance she could.

That was 3 years ago. Skeeter died about 2 months after we brought Tinks home (cancer in her brain). Tinks was there to help fill the void. Now she is a fixture at our house. She loves to sleep under my laptop while I sit typing or sleep on any soft blanket she can find. She hides under my bed during thunderstorms and hates the sound of the bodhran playing. She looks forward to her Greenie every morning and has learned a number of neat "tricks"...sit, down, stay, wait, stick em up, shake, roll over, dance, etc... She barks and growls at anyone who acts menacingly toward Haley or me and loves to go with us in the car.
I just wanted to post about all the members of our family.

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