Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday, Newt attended his very first judo tournament. He placed second (out of two people) but he did a great job considering his opponent was significantly bigger than him (probably closer to my size than his), had been doing judo since he was 5yo, had a father from Russia who competed in the Olympic trials in his country, and had the highest belt rank an under 16yo can have.

Newt only lost by one move in each match and didn't get nipponed (thrown for an automatic win). I don't understand the scoring in judo so the score was either 1-0 or 10-o (it was difficult to tell how many points were awarded for the one move the boy got on him each time). Newt attempted many moves but refused to use any of his wrestling skills/moves ("I wanted to try out only my judo moves.").

I enjoyed the fact that they started at 1pm and we were finished fighting with medals awarded and out the door by 2:30pm. They certainly know how to move people and get a tournament finished. I also enjoyed the fact that I know nothing about judo. It was way less stressful that way. I could just sit back and watch. (I do think I will look up the scoring rules so I at least understand how they score for next time.)

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