Sunday, January 25, 2009

Irish Musicians...

Tonight I took Haley to an Irish Seisun at The Plow and the Stars in Philly. As I sat and watched my little tiny girl sitting on a stool playing away on her violin...besides thinking that she just might roll herself off the stool rocking back and forth to her playing, I had two thoughts.

The first is that I have to say that Irish musicians, especially the ones who meet to play at The Plow and the Stars are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They accept my little 6yo as if she is one of the adults. They let her chose some of songs to play and seem to enjoy her company. That may be one of the greatest benefits to her interest in Irish music...the people we meet as a result.

The second is the amazement I feel watching her do what she does and not just her musical abilities...her maturity and poise while speaking to the musicians...she is just as comfortable with adults as she is with other kids. They ask her questions, she looks them in the eye and answers and asks questions of them. I know teens and adults who can't communicate and conduct themselves with that amount of poise. I don't know what I did right in my life to be gifted with not only this amazing little girl but also her brothers who have their own gifts and talents.

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