Sunday, June 03, 2012

Our Girls Are Growing Up!

I am talking about our chicks, who are now more like chickens. They even cluck a bit except for the Phoenix who still "peep peeps." For the past week they have been free-ranging in our backyard. It is fenced and though two have made it over the fence, they tend to spend their time trying to get back in when they do.

The first day out they spent all their time around the coop and pen. The second day they ventured a little further to peck around under the trampoline. Each day after, they ventured further and further away until by Friday, they were all over the yard especially enjoying sitting under a pine tree and roosting in its branches. They come running when I walk out the back door. It is so cute to see them zooming across the yard.

Every night at around 8:45 as dusk is setting in, they head back into the coop. They fight over who gets to sit on the top roost nearest the window for about 15 minutes then settle down. I haven't figured out why they fight because the same four end up on that top roost every night anyway.

Here are some pics of the girls.


Cleo...she has the best tail!



Dot, Sprinkles, and Dodo (sorry, she's the picked on chick...they pull out her  head feathers)

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Jenny said...

Sigh.... Some good friends of ours just got chickens and my husband knew about it for three weeks and didn't tell me! I had to find out from the first grader. I'm still campaigning for a coop. :)