Sunday, June 03, 2012


Thursday night we went to see some of the kids favorite Irish musicians. They have quite a few favorite Irish musicians but it's not every day we get to hear three of them playing together at the same time. We drove to DE to hear the Teetotalers, a newer group...formed last year at Swannanoa, consisting of Kevin Crawford, Martin Hayes, and John Doyle. John is Dylan's absolutely favorite guitarist.

Kevin, Martin, and John
 The concert was at a really wonderful venue. We arrived a little early. I wasn't sure how much traffic there would be at that time of day. The guys were eating dinner but John saw us and waved so we went over to say, "Hello." Our friends arrived a few minutes later. We sat with friends and ate dinner while listening to the concert. Lovely! Great music, good friends, and delicious food all at the same time. The music was great. John has an amazing voice and we love his rhythmic guitar playing. Kevin does amazing things with either the flute or tin whistle and Martin plays relaxed fiddle music until his solo then plays so crazy fast...he always gets a standing ovation.

Alex, Haley, and Keegan...they were the boys Haley played a trio with in the competition a couple weeks ago. Dylan's there, too, on the other side of Keegan but every picture I took of him ended up with a hidden face. He hates to have his picture taken. LOL

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