Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Another Busy Weekend...Part 2

We started Sunday by meeting with Haley's friend, Emily, for a picture of the two of them so we can make up flyers for their fundraiser for Ireland. Emily is a 2X Under 12 Harp Slow Air Champion and has also qualified the last couple years in the harp dance tune category. Our fundraiser plans are going really well. The pub where Haley performs on the occasional Sunday agreed to host the event. It is the perfect place with room for a band and dancing so we are really excited!

After the meeting at the park, we went to Haley's classical teacher's studio recital. We arrived early for a quick run-through of the Bach Double then listened to a wonderful concert. I am always impressed by these concerts because even smallest child playing Twinkles demonstrates concentration and focus on those things I know this teacher works on. It is also like visiting old friends hearing those Suzuki pieces Haley played not all that long ago.

The concert was long...2 hours and Haley went last, playing Praeludium and Allegro by Fritz Kreisler. The Grand Finale was a large group performance of Bach Double Violin Concerto 1st mvmt.  Haley led the 1st violins while her teacher led the 2nd violins. It was so neat hearing so many people playing that piece together. They did a great job!

After the concert Haley changed clothes then we hung out at the park for awhile before heading to the pub for her to "get the Irish" back into her. We ate dinner and she fiddled with Gabe off and on for a few hours in between his songs and "one man band" tunes. He has a loop machine so can play guitar melody, guitar accompaniment, percussion on his guitar, tin whistle, and sing all at the same time.


Breezy Point Mom said...

Bravo on a terrific performance of Praeludium and Allegro, one of my favorite pieces for the violin! That is an "Advanced II" solo piece for Federation, their highest solo level. What is she going to play next?

ptmom said...

She just got a 3/4 size fiddle yesterday so it going to work on polishing Praeludium on the new fiddle first then wants to learn Czardas for a fun summer piece and Bach Partita in E Major.

greendraggon said...

Fabulous. I really enjoyed her performance. Thanks for posting.