Thursday, May 24, 2012

She Cooks, Too.

Haley asked to make dinner last night so her daddy told her she could. They went shopping to get the ingredients she said she needed then she prepared them all by chopping and cooking. She made omelets, or maybe more like frittatas since everything but the cheese was in with the egg, with tomato, scallions, steamed broccoli, bacon, fresh parsley, and cheddar cheese.

Every time someone asked if she needed help, she shooed us away. I think Dylan was about the same age when he first started cooking omelets for the family and now he cooks all sorts of things. Cooking is one of his favorite activities and he makes the best chicken cheese steak around.

I wanted to add that I changed my blog's friend complained that the light writing on the dark background was difficult for her and I got tired of looking at brown and saw there were some new choices here at bloodspot. Whatcha think? New or old look better?

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ptmom said...

This is Haley. I like the new blog look a lot!!!