Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day...our way.

I do not like holidays like Mother's Day as the mother. I am better at giving than receiving. I don't want flowers or jewelry or anything like (my husband loves that I am a "cheap date"). I prefer to keep it all low key.

As the daughter, I love finding something "just right" for my mom...this year it was a rose bush for her newer, not quite full rose garden and a container of Chai Tea Latte mix along with one of those cute, tiny, battery-powered whisks to make the milk foamy (my mom loves Chai Tea).

Our weekend began like many of our other weekends...taking Haley and Dylan to NY so Haley could have a fiddle lesson followed by lunch with friends from South Jersey who were also in NY for a fiddle lesson. (I have been thinking of asking the fiddle teacher for a finder's fee for all the kids who've gone to him thanks to Haley. LOL) Then we met our friends from CT who were visiting their grandmother in NY and headed over to Juilliard to watch a couple PreCollege quartet performances. Haley was pretty impressed with the Dvorak piece the last quartet played...sorry I don't remember which it was but it was a Presto movement. She initially felt like the pieces were "a little boring" and said she didn't want to have to play any of them but after the last group played, she came back and said she would have loved to play that "exciting piece." Dylan was mostly just a good sport through it all that but I did see him listening intently to the guitarist in the guitar and flute duo.

We went from the NYC to Rockaway, NJ for an Irish music session mostly because we wanted to visit with our friend, Iris, who schedules the monthly sessions there and hadn't been able to coordinate schedules to go to any of the concerts or sessions yet this year. The kids had a good time and met some new friends at the session. We spent the night with Iris. The kids love spending the night at Iris' because she has many, many guitars (Dylan's favorites) and harps (Haley's favorites) which they are then allowed to play in the morning. She also has a new puppy. Iris tells great stories and is a lot of fun.

We drove home...taking longer than the drive should have because the GPS decided to send us on smaller roads with lots of traffic lights rather than the main highway. Ugh! I knew I shouldn't have listened to it but not being all that familiar with the area up there, I went against my better judgement.

We quickly unloaded our stuff at home, visited the dog and chicks then headed to Grammy's house to visit with her. Haley and Dylan went swimming in the pool which was really, really (think ice cubes) cold!  They didn't last long. Haley practiced violin then we had pizza so we moms didn't have to cook and played a few games of Bananagrams. Haley and Dylan are getting much better at that game. I am always impressed with some of the words they come up with.

Haley made me a coupon booklet for Mother's Day containing coupons for "Free Backrubs," "Free Kisses," "Free Hugs," or "Free Dishes Done" that are supposed to work "on any kid." I couldn't wait to use a few so I used some hugs and kisses ones immediately on her. Haley loves to make gifts for everyone.

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