Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Making It Count Tuesdays....

Over at Everyday Snapshots, Pam does a link up for ideas bloggers have found on the internet and tried. We blog about it then link up to her blog and check out what everyone else there has found as well. Kinda neat!

In my first post linked last week, I talked about the Amish Friendship bread Haley and I created starter for then baked 10 days later. Yesterday we did our second baking. This time we found a recipe @ The Family Foodie for actual bread using our Herman starter. Boy, was it good! It was the perfect texture for us and a little bit sweet but didn't really have a strong sourdough taste (I was worried about that because I am not a big fan of sourdough bread). I think we have found the perfect use for all that starter we are making...sorry, friends, we won't be sharing any starter with anyone. Ha!

Since we had 3 cups of starter to dispose of, I mean,  to use and I wasn't sure we'd like the bread recipe so much, I also tried a Herman starter coffee cake recipe that we found at All Recipes. It was good but I think I'd tweak it if I decided to make it again. The good thing was that it used 2 cups of starter.

I also wanted to show some of the crafts Haley has been making using ideas she finds at www.MyFroggyStuff.blogspot.com and also MyFroggyStuff's youtube channel. Haley has been making little miniature rooms for her dolls using every box that comes into the house....little box rooms are all over the basement floor.

Here are some of the neater things she's made....


Diner box 


Shelving unit for boys' room

Sushi complete with chopsticks



Pam said...

Those doll house rooms are fabulous. She is so creative! I can't wait to show them to my daughter. Thanks for linking up!

Sarah said...

Super cute!

Dawn said...

I love your daughter's little creations. My daughter used to spend hours making things for her dollhouse. Now she's grown out of it. I have no doubt that you'll be happy that you took the time to photograph these treasures that she made.