Sunday, May 06, 2012

Chicken Update...

 Our chicks are growing up. We've had some really warm days and started putting them outside during the day.

The first day we put them in, we thought they could not get through the chain link fence so after watching them for about 20 min. I went inside to practice with Haley. I looked out about 20 min. later and half the chicks were outside the enclosure really close to the fence while some were coming out then going in. Daddy had to put chicken wire around the bottom of the enclosure so they can't escape.

They are so funny in the outside enclosure. When we first put them in, they flit around flying short distances and hopping like they are so happy to be able to spread their wings. Then they get to work pecking and scraping at the ground.  They have been picking on the Buff Polish so we separate her in a fenced in area when they are enclosed so she can heal but when in the outside cage, they do not mess with her or else she is able to get away from them.

Here's our Columbian Wyandotte eating out of a hand. She acts shy and afraid but once you have her on your hand, she doesn't want to get off and likes to sit there looking around.

   Their first chance to peck and scratch at the ground in their new outside enclosure. Aren't they getting        so big! Hard to believe they have grown so much in a few short weeks.

                                                                Coop and enclosure.

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