Monday, April 02, 2012

Sessions and Ceili

 Saturday we drove down to the Delaware Bay for an Irish session/party. There was a large bunch of local musicians and some from the city. We enjoyed a corned beef and cabbage dinner with lots of yummy desserts. Haley and Dylan played along with their friends and made some new friends. I tried to capture a picture of all the musicians and didn't do too badly.

Sunday Haley and I went to a fundraiser ceili (Gaelic for "dance") held every year to raise money to help send inner city kids to the local Catholic high school. It is a lovely event. We saw lots of friends and danced the dances we know. We are getting pretty good at a few of them. Haley dances way more than I do. There was a Chinese auction. We didn't win anything but it was fun watching other people winning. Haley took her fiddle and was asked to join the band but she preferred dancing and having fun. Afterward we went to a local pub, had dinner, listened to live music, and Haley joined the musicians there for a few tunes. Here are some pictures of the ceili fun...

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