Sunday, April 01, 2012

End of an era?

A couple months ago when Paraic asked Haley to join him in a repeat performance at The Shanachie, I didn't realize it would be the last weekend the pub was going to be open. Last night the pub closed their doors after 7 years in business. We are going to miss it.

We have been going to The Shanachie for the past almost 3 years now and then for their Tuesday night sessions. We don't make it very often because the sessions are midweek and Ambler is a bit of a drive for us but every time we did go, it was a wonderful session with some great musicians in attendance. The pub had good food and we met some of the nicest people there. The sessions are moving down the street which is good and hopefully the same crowd will find their way there.

The word went out that the pub was closing so Friday night was crazy. They had extra tables set up and every table was full, the bar area was packed, plus people were standing around waiting for tables. I had to stand while the "band" played but then a table let Haley and I sit in their empty seats. The musicians sounded really good together and Haley had a lot of fun though it was late and she was exhausted from playing with her friends, Mara and Alex, jumping on their trampoline most of the afternoon then doing a two hour orchestra rehearsal prior to the performance.

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