Monday, April 23, 2012

New York

Haley, Dylan, and I took a quick weekend trip to NY. We had to deliver nine chicks to our friends from CT who were nice enough to take the extra chicks we couldn't keep from our 25 chick order. We met them in the city then Dylan and the guys went to watch a lacrosse game...yes, my son now wants to play lacrosse because what could be better than being able to hit people with sticks. Ha! We girls went into the city for a nice scooter/walk through Central Park then a concert at Juilliard. Here is a photo montage of our day.

Yum! Waiting for our pizza.

Me, too!

Rocks to climb.

...and run down!

Meeting of the minds.

Quick stop at Shakespeare's Garden.

I someday go to Juilliard...or Curtis.

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Jenny said...

I knew there were a lot of "chicks" in New York... :)