Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Chicks and Cookin'

I got some better chick pictures. The kids have been bringing them inside and taking them outside in the grass. Many are getting really tame. This first little cutie is Buffy, Haley's favorite chick and the one who loves to be held the most. She always comes running and just peeps really quietly then jumps onto a hand. She's the Buff Orpington from my last post.

Here's Newt working on his history research project with an Americauna sitting on his arm like a hawk. The Americauna are much bigger than the others and fly a little around the brooder. We can't wait for their colorful Easter eggs.

Here's a little Partidge Rock chick. I love their brownish red heads and pretty wing feathers. The kids spent a bit of time with the two of them today because they tend to be the most skittish of our chicks.

This pretty little chick is Cleo, notice her Cleopatra-like eyes. She's a Phoenix. She's getting quite tame as well.

 Haley snuggling Buffy while sitting on her new beanbag chair. I've never seen a kid so happy to get a
                                                             beanbag chair.

Here's Daddy getting to know a Barred Rock chick. She feel asleep on his chest then work up and perched on his fingers. We think she looks a bit like a baby penguin. I think this one is named Stella.

I also promised a little cookin'. Haley has taken it upon herself to keep the family desert pans full. She's been baking Ghirardelli brownies about once a week. This week it was caramel turtle brownies. They are sinfully rich and delicious! Yum!!

Haley and I also started some Amish Friendship Bread Starter today. I haven't had much luck making a starter in the past but I am sure it was because I used something metal's been awhile since I tried. So, here it goes....Day #1. Wish us luck!

We may be making a ton of bread when it's ready to go because I don't think I know too many people in real life who would want to take a share. We may be freezing it for later in the year or something. Ha!

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