Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter...Chicks Have Arrived!!!

We had a nice Easter today. On our way home from church I got a call from the mail distribution site saying our chicks were there and we could come pick them up rather than wait until they got to the local post office early tomorrow morning. I was a little surprised because when I asked the local post office about this, they said it couldn't be done...we couldn't pick up the chicks at the distribution center. Ritch went and picked them up and we set up the brooder. When they got home we took them out of the crate and beaked each of them and set them loose in the brooder. Haley quickly called her friend Sofia, who is taking 10 of the chicks because we only wanted 16 and you have to order 25 so they keep each other warm during shipping. Sofia and Haley Skyped a little so they could see the chicks but the sound wasn't working very well.

Here are some pics of the new babies...
In the shipping crate when we took off the lid.

Newt beaking a chick

I love this do!

Haley beaking a chick

Finding water themselves

Happy in the brooder!

Just wandering around.

Home Sweet Brooder!

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