Friday, March 16, 2012


Haley has 2 more PLATO lessons for Earth and Space Science this year. Doing PLATO requires us to be home in the middle of the day because I purchased it through  and to get the reduced price I had to agree to use it between 11am and 1:45pm. So, that leaves us only 2 days a week on normal weeks to get it finished because we are only home all day 2 days a week. I am very happy we will be getting through the entire program this year.

I ordered a few experiment kits from TOPScience and others from Home Science Tools so we could have some fun learning about rocks and minerals to supplement PLATO. We also got Discovery Ed Streaming for a year...not quite sure how or where we'll fit that in but I am determined to use it.

Haley was very excited about receiving boxes of science stuff in the mail so this week we dug into one of the kits and started a few experiments. We have a rock garden growing on our kitchen windowsill...that I will photograph when finished so as not to ruin the surprise. Ha!

We also created some paper crystal formations and looked at different crystals with a magnifying glass to see if we could figure out which of the three shapes they resembled. Then we took our goggles, a hammer, and a geode in a bag to break it and see if it held any crystals...uh, NOT! (I have yet to find crystals in any of a number of geodes I have broken over the years.)

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