Friday, March 02, 2012


I have posted a number of times about Haley's creativity and her little box doll rooms. She found videos of a woman making tiny doll furniture and other things. So the past few days she has been making a huge mess of my, I mean making cute little doll things for her mini American Girl dolls.

Here are some samples of her work...

Doll bunk beds

Doll bathtub


Doll candy

Doll vacuum
Since these photos she has made a doll stove, doll dresser, sinks, food, and kitchen table and chairs. 

Sometimes I worry that I am not getting to art enough. It seems to be the subject we never find time for except for Mapping the World with Art. I guess I needn't worry because Haley seems to do art and crafts all the time on her own.

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Pam said...

Those are a hoot -- and incredibly creative too. Love it!