Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Every once in awhile Haley gets a chance to do really cool things like play with a great Irish band or join her teacher on stage or play somewhere neat with her brothers. Sometimes she gets to play with people she loves to listen to the CDs of at camps or on the streets of an Irish town at the Fleadh.

Sunday night Haley had one of those experiences that will leave an impression on her. Paraic's dad, Sean Keane (the original fiddler for The Chieftains who no longer tours with the group) and family were in NYC so he could play with the band for the final three concerts of their 50th Anniversary tour. Paraic asked us to come up to the city to meet him.

It was a crazy day. The kids played for a St. Patrick's Day party at the nursing home they have played for the past 3 years but after the gig, I drove Haley the two hours to NY. We braved the traffic and found the hotel. We met Paraic's lovely family and then Haley sat around in the hotel suite fiddling with Sean and Paraic while Paraic's brother, Darach, playing tin whistle. They played for awhile then we drove home.

Haley said it was one of the best nights of her life! She has been wanting to meet Sean Keane for years and listens to his music all the time on CD. It will be something she remembers forever. I got some video which I may post once I get it uploaded.


reei said...

Amazing.. perhaps , in the future, Little R will get to play with Haley..

ptmom said...

reei- If you are ever in the Northeast of the US, let me know and we'll try to make that happen.