Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Haley's Kimmel Center "Debut" or Playing with the Chieftains Round 2

Friday night Haley was invited to perform at the Kimmel Center with the Chieftains....thank you, again, Paraic! The show was amazing. We arrived in time to see the sound check then hung out in the Green Room while the band ate. Haley's friend Sofia visited and came backstage with us for awhile until the house opened and she could take her seat. Haley and I watched the show from backstage. A local pipe and drum corp, The Emerald Pipers, also performed and were wonderful.

Haley played a solo tune during the grand finale of the show. She chose her new favorite tune, The High Level. Here is her performance...
She had so much fun! She said she couldn't see how many people were in the audience because it was so bright on stage and dark in the audience. She also joined them for their encore, An Droh. During the An Droh they turn on the house lights because dancers snake their way through the audience picking up audience members in the snake dance so she did see the crowd then.

Sofia and her mom spent the night which made the whole night and next day even more festive. The girls had a great time playing and giggling though I am not sure they slept all that much.

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