Friday, March 09, 2012

Award Ceremony

 Last night Paraic invited Haley and I to attend an event at the Union League where the Chieftains were presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Concert Hall of Ireland and The American Ireland Fund.

It was an amazing evening. Haley said she felt like she was on the Titanic...we'd recently seen the movie. The rooms at the Union League were so fancy with huge chandeliers and beautiful woodwork. We ate delicious hors d'oeuvres and little deserts. The awards presentation consisted of a few short speeches and short videos showing all the charities aided by the American Ireland Fund and information about the National Concert Hall of Ireland. Then the Chieftains performed a short set. We were sitting right in at one of the front tables so the dancers were right in front of us...they have so much energy! It was really neat to be so up close and personal for a performance like that.

After the concert Paraic took Haley back to another room where the band was and she got to say, "Hi" to them all again and have a few pictures taken. She will perform with them tonight at the Kimmel Center. She is so excited!

Chieftains performing.

Haley with Paddy Maloney and Paraic

Haley with Kevin Coneff and Paraic

Haley with Matt Malloy

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