Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Notes...

Haley had her first lesson of the "new" year on Friday. After about a month without lessons but lots of great practicing even while playing hours and hours of Irish music in Ireland, she was happy to be able to put Kreisler's "Sicilienne and Rigaudon" onto her review list and get the go ahead to learn some new notes.

This piece is "heaven" to Haley. Lots of notes played really, really fast. To me, it looks like a Kreutzer exercise and that is probably her teacher's motivation for giving it to her but it is new, fast notes and nothing motivates my kid more than that. She will be practicing it by copying pages 1 and 4 then placing two music stands side by side loaded with music until it is memorized.

To top it off, she got 3 new tunes from her fiddle teacher, "Big John McNeal's," she'd been messing with from a Cape Breton player's CD. He gave her the Irish (Sean Maguire) version along with a tricky little tune to follow then another easy tune to go with her "Dr. Gilberts."

What a fun practice week she is going to have!


reei said...

love her attitude!

Breezy Point Mom said...

Lovely. That sounds like incredibly fun music. My son would like it, too. For now, we will stay content with his music for this year. My kids are going to a special master class tomorrow morning.