Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fourth Grader and a Fairy House

 I love homeschooling my 9 year old. She loves to learn. She works hard on her own and is old enough that she is able to do more of her work independently. I no longer need to sit next to her while she does computer learning to help her input information. She only occasionally needs me to help with technical issues. I can give her a list of work that needs to be done on Thursdays when I work and know it will be done, along with all her practicing, when I get home.

She is absolutely a delightful child and we are having so much fun together. (I know the preteen years are close so I am fully enjoying this time with her.) We have been walking together while Dylan practices football at night. There is a 1.25 mile path around the fields and park so we walk it twice then get done in time to see the last half of Dylan's practice and finish up any schoolwork or reading we need to do. The other day, we noticed lots of cool things while walking so took a bag through the wooded area and picked up bits of bark, pinecones, and moss. We decided to create a "fairy house" as an art project. Haley added on some old yarn and bits of ribbon left over from making her headbands.

Here's the finished project....

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