Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Headband Craft

Haley and Maddie in their dresses from Ireland.
Last week when we took Haley's little cousin, Maddie, to our favorite boutique, Haley purchased some cute flower hair clips. Unfortunately her hair is very silky and most everything falls out which leaves her with headbands as about the only option.

We decided to try to make some ribboned (is that a word?) headbands to slip the flower clips into so they would stay in her hair.

I stopped at the craft store and found headbands and some pretty ribbon along with permanent fabric glue. We decided to make them today by wrapping the ribbon around the headbands and tacking it with the glue. Her flower clips easily slide into a fold of the ribbons.

Here are the finished products....

We had an extra headband so Haley remembered these little treble clef appliques her violin teacher had given her so we glued those on. Cute!

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