Friday, May 02, 2008

Paid to play...LOL

Yesterday morning Daddy took Dyl to the junk yard with his loot to cash in. They then took Daddy's portion to pay for breakfast at their frequent hang out...Louisa's Cafe which is just a few blocks away in the next town over. It is a very small establishment that serves only breakfast and lunch to a pretty much regular crowd of retired gentlemen, police officers, and construction workers.

Anyway, while they were there, Daddy and Louisa got to talking about the kids and he mentioned how Haley has been doing with her fiddle/violin (being the proud parent he is). Louisa asked if he would bring her by because she'd love to hear a 5yo on fiddle. So when they finished breakfast, they went home, gathered up Haley with her fiddle, Dyl's guitar, and Newt with the bodhran and took them back to play.

They were a huge hit. The men loved them. Louisa asked them to come play again and took their number so she could call them when she has a crowd. One man said he'd been around the whole world twice and seen many things without being too impressed but this was something he would never forget. He gave the kids each $5 and insisted they take it when they all refused. Another man bought them a "round of drinks." (Soft drinks of course)

So, my kids have had their first "paid" gig, well, kind of.

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