Monday, May 19, 2008

Late but fun night...

Yesterday afternoon, Haley was reading the newspaper while waiting for her lunch (yes, I know, most almost 6yos don't spend time reading the newspaper, LOL) and she came upon an advertisement that caught her eye for a Celtic music concert about an hour away from us. She was beside herself with excitement and though it wasn't in my plans, it was relatively inexpensive and a good opportunity, so we went.

What a delightful evening it was!! Again, Haley was the youngest person there....I think I was pretty close to the 2nd youngest in the room full of about 60-80 people. She was an utter delight. The band was called Road to the Isles and consisted of a bagpiper, fiddle, guitarist/singer/tinwhistler, and dancers (one Irish and one Highland). The location had no stage and we could not see the dancers' feet nor much else from where we were sitting so Haley moved out to the outer aisle and sat on a low windowsill talking to the people nearby and others who joined her. She made many "friends" and sat completely engaged in the show. She also talked with the soundman for the band who was stationed right near where she was sitting. After the show he told me how "blessed" I was to have such an amazing little girl. She was so excited when they played the two songs she knew (The Atholl Highlander and The Rights of Man). After the show she went right up to the dancers and talked to them awhile before asking for the autographs then went to each of the bandmembers and got theirs as well. We also met an elderly couple who knew Haley's fiddle teacher and played in the group she will join this Thursday evening. (It is a small world.)

We didn't get home until almost 11:30pm. I don't know many almost 6 year olds who would be good for that long and interested in music that long that late at night. She is an amazing little girl.

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