Monday, May 12, 2008

Good day...

This morning started with a bang...literally. It was a really windy and stormy day. We awoke to a loud crash and a crunch as the top of a tree fell from the neighbor's property onto Ritch's car and scraped my van. The damage to the vehicles wasn't fatal, just a couple more dents on the hoopty and barely a scratch on my van. Luckily Ritch was home for the day so he was there to cut down the huge branch and take care of phone calls to neighbors and insurance companies.

Haley had a wonderful fiddle lesson today. She remembered the song she learned at Next Generation Kids yesterday. I am glad she did because I didn't. (The boys accompanied her to Next Gen Kids yesterday...Dyl with his guitar and Newt with his bodhran. They had a really good time learning new songs and playing with the group.) She had learned the last two parts of the song The Jig of Slurs her teacher had started with her last week. Then she and her teacher played 4 jigs in a row working on jig bowing (1---2,3, 1---2,3). Haley picked it up and concentrated hard on playing toward the tip of her bow which is difficult for her because she usually wants to play very expressively using all the bow she has. It was a really good lesson. Her teacher invited her to play with the grown-ups at their Seisun sessions on Thursday nights. (Not something we'll do every week because it is so late but might be fun once in awhile.)

Tonight we had nowhere to go. Since quitting taekwondo, we have had a few of those here and there. The kids and I worked on creating a poster of the periodic table. I was so proud of the way they worked together and cooperated on it. We didn't quite finish but once we do I will post a picture. We can't wait to start chemistry!

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