Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My guitarist...

Dylan has really taken off with his guitar lessons recently. He originally started at 6yo but wanted to learn electric guitar and his hands were a bit small for the one we bought plus his teacher wasn't really teaching him anything (he was young and always late for Dyl's lessons as well) so we stopped his lessons for awhile.

He started lessons back up about a year ago with an amazing teacher who has figured Dylan out and teaches him bits of songs he is interested to make him see the importance of learning the "not so exciting" parts of music playing. It has worked and though he has had a few weeks when we have had to push him to study/practice those things that aren't so exciting like note reading and chords, Dylan has now progressed to the point where he is starting to figure out songs on his own by hearing them.

This has enables him to play while Haley fiddles, play along with his brother's drumming, and just pick up cool pieces of songs he likes to "show off" with. He has also been creating some of his own music...which really sounds good btw.

Most recently, Dylan has been expressing an interest in playing Praise music like the band at church. I purchased him a DVD of lessons on a few songs that arrived yesterday. Dyl immediately plugged it in and started at it. Within a few minutes he had learned two and he played them while we sang along. He practiced the songs all night and by 10:30 pm had learned all but the last song on the DVD (7 songs in all) though he said he would need to keep practicing them to get really good (Is this my Dylan talking????)

I am so proud of him for finding something he enjoys putting his time into!!!

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