Monday, May 05, 2008

Doing the Bees...

Last month Daddy and Poppop attended a course on Bee Keeping. A select few of the attendees (only up to Poppop) received $300 to get started. He bought his hive, got it ready, and Saturday picked up his bees.

They had to stay in the box for 24 hours, flying in and out, getting used to their new "home." Plus the weather was cloudy and "not good bee weather" because too many stay in the hive when it is cloudy rather than fly out looking for pollen to collect.

Yesterday, the weather was better and the boys assisted in moving the bees to their brand new hive. Many came out to see what was happening but no one got stung. Haley, Grammy, and I stood only a short distance away without any extra protection. They moved the 5 frames of bees to the new hive which had 5 new frames inside, added another level of thick sugar water to make sure they have enough to eat until they find pollen, and put on the top. The bees seemed to like their new home and soon were happy moving in and out.

Probably no honey for us this year but next year "yum!"

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