Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a day!!!

Haley on the Shore stage fiddling with the grown ups and a few of the teens who stayed.
The entire group who played on the Shore Stage for the Irish Seisen. (I know I spelled that wrong.)

Haley and Alexander on the Pinelands Stage with Next Generation Kids.

Next Generation Kids on the Pinelands Stage.
We were away from home from 8:15am until midnight!

The NJ Folk Festival was great though a little cold and I was not prepared for it. The weather station said 69 deg. but didn't mention the wind chill. Haley ended up playing in her dress, sweater, and my Mom's sweatshirt. LOL

For the Next Generation Kids session, she and Alexander (9yo boy) were the only non-teenagers and only one other teen was a fiddler. The best mic was on Haley so her fiddle was possibly the loudest. I can't tell you how many people commented about her and how many pictures/videos were taken of her. I told Ritch we should copyright her face and charge for them to build up her college fund. LOL

She also played at the adult session. Alexander had left so she was the only child. There were even more people watching and taking pictures at that one. A few older fiddlers from other groups playing watched and said they were amazed. One older man walked from one side of the stage to the other and stood right next to where Haley was playing to see if she was really playing or not. A couple songs she did not know, she picked up during the session by listening to them the first time and playing with the group the second and third. I honestly don't know how she does it. Ritch and I were sitting there whispering to each other..."she's trying to get it...she almost has it, oops...there she goes!" as she took off playing the song.

She did nap inbetween during the ride home. She was soooo wound up for the contest. She and Dyl did a great job! After she played everytime we walked down the hall to go to the bathroom people stopped us to tell us how amazing she played and that she should win. One woman came up to me urgently telling me to look into the Curtis Institute in Philly because my daughter is a prodigy and should apply if she continues with her music. I guess it is a music school, I don't know. Another woman asked where she took lessons and when she started because her 2.5yo loves music. I didn't tell her not to expect the same results... kids like Haley are rare.

They didn't win though...the professional jazz band won as I thought they would and a singer took 2nd (there were 18 of 27 acts of singers so I suspected a singer would have to place). I thought a number of other singers were more talented than the one who won especially these two younger girls who could have been in musicals but oh, well. Haley was crying on the way home but more out of exhaustion than anything else. She fell asleep instantly upon hitting her head on the pillow.

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