Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dylan loves to do manual labor. If Daddy or Poppop need help with work or around the house, they ask Dylan to help. He quietly and patiently stays nearby and waits until someone has something for him to do then happily assists. He asks questions to learn everything he can about all the equipment and how to do everything.

Last week he helped our neighbors clean up their yard a couple days and yesterday Bud gave him a small saw for cutting and sanding wood. What a great gift for Dylan. He has been so busy cutting and sanding small wooden figures. He is so careful and explains what he is doing. He has made something for everyone and today, figured out how to make a jigsaw puzzle out of one of his creations.

His Daddy bought him a "real mower." He wants to start a mowing business and has even made up business cards. He spent hours mowing our yard. The thing is so hard to push but he keeps on trying. It is amazing how hard he works when it is something that interests him.

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