Monday, April 07, 2008


I don't know how familiar you are with soccer and children 6 and under. If you are, then you know that most of the game consists of a gaggle of children running around kicking each other, falling down, pushing and shoving, and occassionally making contact with the soccer ball. On very rare occassions there is one or two kids on a team who win the ball from the pack, make their way down the field, and either attempt to score completely missing the goal (unless of course they have gone the wrong way down the field and score for the opposing team) or lose the ball somewhere along the way.

Goals are few and far between and generally seem more of an accident than any attempt at actual goal scoring. Most children who score jump up and down, shout over to their parents or teammates, and make a huge deal over the entire incident. During her game on Saturday morning, Haley scored...twice (well, the second time was right after the game ending whistle but to her it was a goal).

Did she jump up and down or shout?

Not my baby...she calmly walked back to the line with a sly little grin and a quick glance to make sure Mommy, Daddy, Poppop, Grammy, Newt, and Dylan were watching.

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