Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Dylan turned 15 years old on Wednesday. Time sure flies!

Dylan has been lifting and exercising plus has grown a number of inches this past year so has gone from that awkward phase to handsome young man. He started high school back in September and is playing football for the JV team and plans to go out for wrestling this year as well.

This is his 2nd year playing football so he's still learning but he's loving it and working hard.  He is playing on both the offense, as center, and defense. He understands the game much better and is getting faster. He has made some great plays this year. He suits up for varsity but the team has not had any run-away wins so he hasn't gone in to play yet. Below, notice the bright neon green shoes...I love those because I can always find him on the field.

Dylan is doing well in school and studying hard. He and Haley have been playing together a lot this fall. He loves playing guitar and has been composing a few tunes lately. People always comment on what a great brother he is because he lets Haley have the limelight and plays the supporting role for her.   I love when people, usually other guitar players, recognize how talented he is in his own right.
Here's a little clip of them entertaining at the Comhaltas AGM last weekend.

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