Monday, October 08, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Even on a weekend when we have nothing planned, we still manage to find a lot of musical fun. Saturday, Haley contacted her buddy Paraic to see what kind of fun he knew about and he asked if she was "coming out to play." He let us know the session at Fergies was going to begin at 1pm rather than the usual 4pm. So, we headed over early only to find out it wasn't a normal session but an Oktoberfest street festival and some musicians from the session were performing for the pub. It was difficult to get a good group photo since the lighting was low under the tent but bright on the outside. I did get some good individual pics though...

Notice how everyone is dressed on Saturday. Sunday was a complete weather change....cold and rainy. We spent the morning cleaning house and practicing violin or fiddle/guitar then Haley, Dylan, and I headed over Plough and the Stars for the session there. It was a nice evening with a lot of friends even some we've never met up with there before. The kids played and talked for hours. Unfortunately, the lighting was not great for photos in there either.

....And where was Newt this weekend...ah, wrestling. Newt had a team tournament and a great wrestling weekend winning five out of five matches. His team took 5th out of 16 teams. Way to go, boys!

Today was a football game for Dylan. Boy, was it cold! We dressed in sweatshirts, coats, mittens, hats, and took a wooly blanket to cover up with. Dylan is the one playing center with the bright lime green shoes. I love those shoes because I can always find him that way.

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