Monday, October 15, 2012

Good Old Fashioned Fun!

The Notre Dame Division of the AOH were amazing in the support of Haley going to Ireland this year. In return, Haley and Dylan had agreed to give a performance. The format was an old fashioned "house party."

Haley and Dylan took turns with their friends Emily and Livia providing the music and in between their sets people in the audience told stories and jokes or sang a song.  One grandmother had kept a journal of all the funny things her grandchildren had said over the years. When they turn 18, she goes through her journal and takes out the funny things each child has said to give to them on their birthday. Isn't that a wonderful idea! (I hope to steal it when I am a grandmother!) She shared some of the funnier stories with us.

There was a huge spread of food with everything from sandwiches, veggies, and fruit to amazingly delicious desserts. The people were like family so friendly and welcoming. We got to see some people we've met before at different functions and also made some new friends. I wish there were more opportunities for these types of get-togethers. It was a lot of fun!

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