Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Report...

This weekend we had a lot of Irish music fun! Saturday, Haley and I headed into Philly for a fiddle workshop with Winnie Horan, the fiddler for the group Solas, and a concert by three Solas band members. Haley enjoyed the workshop. She learned two new tunes and Winnie played 5-6 other tunes for Haley to record and learn later. Winnie did a great job making the experience personal for all the participants.

Between workshop and concert, we went into Chestnut Hill for a slice of pizza with Haley's friend, Alex and his parents.  The concert was very enjoyable. I like the combination of fiddle, accordion, and guitar and Mick McAuley, the accordion player, has a great voice.

Sunday, Haley, Daddy, and I drove down to the lovely Cow Palace at the Maryland State Fair Grounds for the Maryland Irish Festival. The festival has a small competition and we go down to support those trying to make it into something bigger and Haley's teacher, Brian, who judges the event. It is a fun day with a workshop by Brian and another about competition preparation. Haley gets to spend time hanging out with her friends who also make the trip.

Haley and Alex deeply engrossed in something on his iPhone.

Haley and her fiddle teacher, Brian Conway.

Last week Haley asked Brian what she should play for the competition and he suggested Spellan's Inspiration, a tune that isn't originally Irish so she wouldn't get to play at the Fleadh but one of her favorites, and her new tune last week, an Ed Reavy tune, Fisherman's Island, which she heard and loved immediately. She spent last week practicing a lot because she had to add variations to both tunes for the competition. She did a great job learning and playing both and took 1st at the competition. Here's a couple videos of Haley playing the tunes.... thanks to Alanna's dad, Dennis, who recorded and posted them to youtube for us! Sorry, I guess you'll have to click the links because I can't get them on as videos, maybe because they are unlisted?

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