Friday, September 21, 2012

Poor Chicken...

One of our beautiful Black Australorps, Crow, was attacked by a neighbor's dog yesterday.  Haley and Daddy were home all day except for about 20 minutes when they took Newt to his friend's house so they could drive him to wrestling practice. They returned home and noticed a huge pile of black feathers in the front yard. Ritch thought for sure a chicken had gotten eaten by a chicken hawk or something. He never expected to find her scared and standing next to the fence. The neighbor came over and explained her dog had gotten away from them and attacked her.

A few of the chickens just started getting out now and then the past couple days and need their wings clipped again. Not sure if Crow was out of the fence prior to the dog coming into the yard or if the dog running to the fence scared her out. She is missing feathers on her tail, back, and neck. Part of her wing near the top has been eaten off and she has some puncture wounds on her back. We've separated her from the rest and covered her in antibiotic. Hopefully she won't get an infection. Wish her luck!

No pictures isn't very pretty.

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