Sunday, September 16, 2012

Civil War Re-enactment

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. Ritch and I took Haley and her friend, Lily, to Cold Spring Village to see the Civil War Re-enactment. The village had a low turnout of reenactors for the event due to the anniversary of Antietam in Maryland and a huge re-enactment down there this weekend. Even so, the girls had a great time visiting all the shops and crafters and talking to the Civil War people about their jobs and camps.

They watching basket weaving, tin smithing, newspaper printing, woodworking, and visited the old schoolhouse. We talked to a woman cooking in an outdoor beehive oven, visited a couple different types of homes from the 1800's, and saw a variety of farm animals. They talked to the Civil War doctor, soldiers, a woman telling about food and rations the Confederate Army might have had, and learned about different arms and how bullets were made.

Watching basketmaking.

The girls have decided that telegrams are really cool and want to learn morse code so they can send their messages via telegram rather than texting each other. LOL

Sending a telegram
Union soldiers arrive!

Tinkerbell's Thundershirt works great for thunderstorms but not so well for repeated musket fire.

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