Monday, September 24, 2012

My Antique Store Find...

 Haley had a little girls' makeup desk in her bedroom with a tiny stool so short her knees were getting close to her chin when she sat on it. She's getting taller and older so it was time to retire the tiny desk and look for a new one.

I had a little time on Thursday too far from home to get there between patients so I walked around the main street of the town where I was and found a little antique store. I noticed this cute little desk just the right size for the space in Haley's room. I honestly did not think it was an antique but thought painted white, it would be perfect. I talked the man down on the price wiggling it...the legs were not screwed in tight.
He was willing to negotiate. I only had my little car so put down a deposit. Haley and I went to pick it up today. She sanded it down while Daddy went to get some white paint. They painted it together and Haley is so proud of her work and the result. She cleaned her room and we put it in. Now we just need to find a nice stool or chair for it!

The finished product. Pretty good for $50. Eh?

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