Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bethlehem Celtic Classic 2012

Yesterday was another of those great days! I so love fall and all the festivals. Haley, Dylan, Daddy, and I went to the Bethlehem Celtic Classic. Each year they host a fiddle competition at the festival with two age groups, 13 and under and 14-18. It is a little different from a Fleadh in that the kids have to perform three different styles of tunes together in a set and are allowed to have accompaniment. We love going to this festival because we've gone for the past 3 years and know many of the people who attend and run the festival. This year Haley's friend, Alex, was there as usual and we were pleasantly surprised to see a couple of the Next Gen kids and one of Haley's PRYSM friends there to compete as well.

Dylan and Haley with Alex, Alanna, Patrick and his dad, Bob.
These kids all took 1st and 2nd in their age groups.

Haley with her buddy, Genevieve. Haley got to know Genevieve really well during
4 hour rehearsals with The John Whelan Band in Ohio this summer.

The kids had a great time staying backstage with their friends talking tunes and whatever. Haley played a slow air, The Wounded Hussar, the High Level hornpipe, and a reel, Trim the Velvet accompanied by Dylan. There were 8 kids in her age group ranging in age from 10-12yo. Haley took 1st for the 3rd time and her friend, Patrick, took 2nd. They told Haley she could move up to the next age group next year if we wanted.

Here's a link to Haley's performance.

Haley receiving her medal.
We stayed for the next age group to hear Alex and Alanna plus Dylan was to accompany Alex. Below is a photo of the kids waiting for Alex's turn. Don't know if you can see it from the pics but the building where the competition is held is an old ice house with brick walls. It has great acoustics and looks really neat.

Alex and Dylan competing.
Alex took 1st in his age group and Alanna took 2nd. Dylan was 2-0 in 1st place wins for those he accompanied. Ha! After the competition, while waiting for the judges to make their decision, the fiddlers who were still there came out and played a few tunes together with Genevieve.

We walked into town after it was all over and had lunch at Bethlehem Brew Works with Alex and his parents. Haley enjoyed trying on a cute hat in a little shop. After lunch we walked back to the festival and watched a few Highland games. We listened to a little music and met up with some other friends for a bit then headed home.

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