Monday, September 24, 2012

Perfect Day...

 Every once in awhile you get one of those perfect  family days. Saturday was one of those days!

A couple weeks ago, someone had suggested I get in touch with the people who run the North Wildwood Irish Fest and let them know about Haley. So I sent an email and they responded. It was very close to the day of the festival so their entertainment schedule was set but they got in touch with these very nice brothers, Celtic Pride, who generously agreed to allow Haley and Dylan to join them on stage.

They sent us their music...they sing common Irish pub songs and some of their own original works. Haley and Dylan knew many of their songs so they played along and sat out those they didn't know. During their break, they let Haley and Dylan have the stage for about 20 minutes to play their own traditional music.

After the performance we drove to Cape May to get take-out dinner from the Lobster House, our absolutely favorite place to get seafood. We followed dinner with a walk on the beach...the weather was perfect. Then we topped it off with some fudge for the ride home. All the way home we watched a huge storm brewing in the distance...lightning dancing through the tall clouds. It was amazing!

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