Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a busy week...

This week has probably been our most busy musical week ever. Haley had lessons (fiddle then violin) during the day on Monday (a usual occurrence) followed by church musical practice for she and Dyl in the evening.

Tuesday all three kids played at the cafe on the request of the owner who was hosting a Christmas party for family and customers. They had a buffet dinner and cake. The little place was full of people so that there was hardly any walking room. My kids played Christmas music and a few favorite Celtic tunes. They received a lot in tips but decided to use the money to purchase Christmas gifts on the wish list of kids in a needy family. They were able to nearly fill the wishes for both kids (a 9yo girl and 11yo boy). The kids were so sad that almost everything on the list was something they take for granted that they will have like warm hat and gloves, warm pajamas, sweatpants, etc... They were also able to buy the little girl some play makeup and jewelry which Haley thought were necessities and had fun buying.

Wednesday night we were back at church musical practice. While the kids practiced, all of us mothers painted the scenery which was very fun. We ended up being there until 9:30pm trying to get it finished. We succeeded!

Thursday the kids wanted to do Open Mic Night at the coffeehouse. There weren't many performers so they were able to do a Christmas set and a Celtic set. They played a song with the woman hosting the night. Later she asked if Haley would be interested in playing violin to one of her songs when she records in January. The boys also performed La Bamba with a bass guitarist... Newt sang it! LOL

Friday was the busiest day of all. Haley had a concert with her violin teacher and a (very) few of her students at the retirement home they perform for once a month. There were only 3 violin students (Haley, a 15yo viola student, and a 4yo who only recently started lessons), 4 piano students (the accompanist's students), her teacher's 17yo dd (who Haley adores and idolizes), and the teacher. Haley played her newest Book 3 songs...Martini's Gavotte and Bach's Minuet in C. She played a violin duet of What Child Is This with her teacher's dd playing harmony then also played Jingle Bells and Hark the Herald into the Christmas Eve Reel. After everyone else played they ended the program with a Christmas medly played by all the big people and Haley. (I didn't even know Haley could play a few of the songs but she seemed to be doing just fine.)
After the concert, we rushed home to stuff in some dinner then head to Frank's studio. He had asked the kids to perform during his student's recital. They played in the middle of the program....6 songs (some Christmas and a few Celtic favorites). It was an amazing performance. There were a lot of people there and they all clapped along to the fast Celtic tunes. The clapping only increased Haley's concentration and showmanship. She was tapping and moving to the music, glancing back to smile at her brothers, and grinning to the crowd. The kids were playing the best I have ever heard them play together and it brought tears to my eyes watching those 3 amazing kids then remembering that they were...mine! At the end, they received a standing ovation from the crowd!

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