Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas "Concert"

About 3 weeks ago, the owner of the coffeehouse where the kids often play "Open Mic" night asked if they would like to come in and play some Christmas music before and after the city's Christmas parade.

They didn't know any Christmas music at the time but were excited by the opportunity, so we said they could and they set to work learning some songs. They watched youtube videos and listened to CDs then came up with a songs they'd like to learn. For Haley, it was easy to pick out the melodies once she heard the songs. Newt just had to come up with a beat to a few of the faster songs which he did the last couple days before their show. Dylan did a combo of learning from watching others play on youtube, to coming up with chords on his own by listening to Haley play. I wasn't sure they would be able to put together enough music but they did and they sounded great together.

It wasn't a day when people were coming in to hear music, most simply dropped in to use the bathroom or get a cup of cocoa to warm up but many stopped in their tracks to watch the kids and a small number hung around to see them again after the parade. A few took pictures or video and one guy called someone on his cell then held it up so they could listen to them. The owner asked if they would like to come back to play again before Christmas. They played about 10 Christmas songs together then mixed in some Celtic music to make their "set" a little longer. The Celtic fiddle music was a bigger hit than the Christmas but it is Christmas time. Great job kids!

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